SaludMóvil Launches Prescription Discount App that Helps Hispanics Save Money

SaludMóvil Launches Prescription Discount App that Helps Hispanics Save Money

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POSTED ON Oct 09, 2017

Founded by Integrative Medicine Pioneer, Joseph Mosquera, MD, SaludMóvil is the premier digital destination for Hispanic health and wellness

SaludMóvil has announced the launch of SuReceta, the first bilingual prescription discount app designed to help Hispanics save money on overpriced medication.

Easily accessible on SaludMó or by downloading the mobile app on IOS or Android, the application allows users to compare medicine prices at neighborhood pharmacies and provides RX coupons at absolutely no cost.

“With over 30 years of experience caring for the Latino community, I’ve seen first-hand the healthcare inequality among Hispanics. Hispanics make up a growing share of the uninsured, rising from 29 percent in 2013 to 40 percent in 2016,” said Dr. Joseph Mosquera, M.D., the founder of SuReceta and SaludMóvil, and a pioneer in Integrative Medicine.

“Too often, Hispanics will not fill or refill a life-saving prescription medication because of sticker shock. With the SuReceta app, SaludMóvil hopes to make prescription medication affordable for Hispanics, regardless of their healthcare coverage.”

Beyond the financial inability to access care, Hispanics in the U.S. have a difficult time navigating the health space due to lack of information in Spanish. In response, Dr. Mosquera launched SaludMóvil, a digital health and wellness platform that provides Hispanic families with bilingual content about topics that are important to them, including children, beauty, nutrition, exercise, and diseases that are prevalent among Latinos like cancer and diabetes.

In addition to a content partnership with Harvard Health Publications, the authoritative and trustworthy voice of Harvard Medical School, SaludMóvil has also created a Celebrity Health Network, comprised of Hispanic celebrities with a passion for health and wellness. Each celebrity will engage in the distribution and creation of content on various health topics.

Celebrities include:

  • Marco Borges, Lifestyle Architect
    New York Times bestselling author of 22-Day Revolution, and CEO and Founder of 22 Days Nutrition
  • Dra. Ana Maria Polo, Contributing Editor
    Beloved host of Telemundo’s highest rated show Caso Cerrado, cancer survivor, and health advocate.
  • Chef James Tahhan, Resident Chef
    Emmy-Award winning Co-Host of Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día and bestselling author of Cocina en Casa

“Reaching the Hispanic community through some of its most popular and respected luminaries, SaludMóvil is able to deliver health information directly into the feeds and phones of Latinos everywhere,” says SaludMóvil CEO Rene Alegria. “There is a Hispanic health crisis in this country. Our aim is to solve it.”

“Hispanics face higher risks of heart disease than other segments due to epidemic proportions of high-blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity,” said exercise physiologist and New York Times bestselling author Marcos Borges. “As an ambassador for SaludMóvil, I pledge to help ignite a national health movement that inspires Latino families to lead healthier lives.”

For more information, visit or follow @MiSaludMovil on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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